VICTREX® PEEK polymers support extended exploration and boost production optimization.

As global oil demand continues to rise with finite resources, there is a growing need for enhanced oil recovery methods to produce more from conventional reserves with high pressure and temperature (HPHT) environments as well as technical innovation to unlock vast unconventional resources. In these increasingly harsh environments, choosing the wrong material for seals and connectors may result in premature failures and costly downtime valued between $100,000 to $1,000,000 per day.

VICTREX PEEK polymer has proven performance in extreme oilfield environments offering more than twice the performance life for downhole tools and wellhead equipment. Seal back-up rings and electrical connectors made with VICTREX PEEK have a continuous use temperature range of ‑60C to 260C with a pressure rating of up to 30,000psi and they can withstand a wide variety of oil and gas fluids and sour gas exposure. Join the leading global Oil Service Companies that have relied on safe, proven, predictable VICTREX PEEK for over 30 years in their critical oil and gas applications.

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